Second Century Homes LLC 
Renovating and preserving homes over 100 years old

Homes more than a century old are special.

They were built by craftsmen who took pride in their work. They used classic building materials and architecture styles. They built homes with good ventilation and clever ways to use natural light. They knew which materials would last, and the best ways to use them. They wanted the homes they built to last. They would be proud to see the results of their labors being appreciated and upgraded today.  

We share their pride of workmanship and quality in renovating and preserving urban residential properties in the City of Baltimore and surrounding areas.  We search out and use recycled or reclaimed building materials for new renovations or conservation projects. We recommend cost effective approaches for reducing energy use for heating and cooling. And to maintain the integrity of a building's design and construction, we research and study how the original builders of a building would have done the work you request from us.

Second Century Homes provides a wide variety of services for property owners, real estate professionals, and people who want to live in, preserve or restore existing homes.  Our services range from property management, to deconstruction of walls and structures, to restoration of wood windows, doors and floors, to full row house rehabilitation and restoration. We can manage the project for you, or do the work ourselves. We work with you to maximize your investment in your home and property.

Our focused services on older homes sets us apart from other renovators and contractors. 

Contact Second Century Homes LLC today and learn why we are Baltimore's best choice for urban property renovation and conservation.

Second Century Homes, LLC
MD MHIC 104553
1752 E. Lombard St
Baltimore, MD 21231
(410) 709-8322

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