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Featured Properties

Some our most notable properties include:

East Lombard Street

This historic property was vacant for several years before being rehabilitated and fully leased by Second Century Homes, LLC. Formally known as the Quality Egg building for several decades, and originally built as a hardware store in the late 1890's, the building required extensive interior renovations and rehabilitation, energy management solutions, roof repairs and modernization all done in compliance with Baltimore City historical district preservation guidelines.  Located near the Upper Fells Point area of Baltimore, the building now uses 40 percent less energy than before renovation. Tenants appreciate 100 percent italian tile floor-to-ceiling showers, refreshed kitchens, vaulted ceilings, new bathroom fixtures, lower energy bills, fresh carpets and historic paint colors throughout the building.



The Louise Lane House

This large ranch house in Clinton, MD features hardwood floors in the living room and dining room, a large finished basement with mother-in-law suite, upgraded attic insulation with an overnight cooling system, a filtered water system, updated HVAC systems and upgraded energy management. The property landscaping was improved through selective pruning of old growth trees and stump removal services. While not quite 100 years old (it's about 65), Second Century Homes has provided property maintenance services for several years, maintaining the property in top condition for it's tenants and owner.

The 22nd St Rowhouse

This classic 1920's Baltimore Bowfront rowhouse suffered from extensive internal water damage due to a large hole in the roof, which was repaired. A substantial section of the house had to be gutted to the stone, and completely rebuilt with new joists, flooring and walls. Two new full bathrooms containing Italian tile and modern fixtures are being framed and built. Spacious 10 foot wide by ceiling height closets are being added to each bedroom to replace the orignal 3-foot wide by 3 foot deep closets. A new kitchen with solid counters, hardwood floor, wood cabinets and electric appliances will also be installed. All of existing hardwood floors are being sanded and sealed, and extensive repointing of the brick will be done. Restoration of the beautiful oak "winder" stairs will be performed to repair 90 years of use. The HVAC system is being upgraded to a 95% efficiency gas unit, and the entire rowhome is being weather sealed. A high efficency combination washer/dryer will be installed to handle laundry needs. When all restoration and renovation work is completed, Second Century Homes will provide full service property management services for this 2800 sq foot, 5 bedroom, two full bath home. It is located across the alley from 14 new rowhomes now under construction by the City of Baltimore.

The Baltimore Street Rowhouse

A 1920's combination commercial space and 2-level apartment building, this property was vacant for several years before purchase. Renovations were made to the 2200 sq ft, two story living space. Existing hardwood floors were uncovered and refinished to their former glory, the bathroom was completely upgraded and renovated and a new combination washer/dryer was installed. Minor repairs were made to several bedrooms and stairs, and the entire unit was refreshed with new paint matched to color pallete common in the 1920's. The first floor space (formally a hair salon and doctors office) was renovated and rented to a commercial client.

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