Second Century Homes LLC 
Renovating and preserving homes over 100 years old

Second Century Homes LLC provides various services ranging in scope from small to large.
Our featured services include:

  • Rowhouse space planning and layout (from empty shell to walk-in closet space)
  • Rowhouse renovation and restoration (from rebuilding shells to minor cosmetic changes) 
  • Rehabilitation project management (to achieve planned schedule/cost/risk targets)
  • Pre-offer opinions and inspections (prior to making an offer)
  • Repair and restoration of wood windows and doors (with historically accurate replacement glass)
  • Installation, repair and refinishing of hardwood floors and stairs (striping, sanding, repairing, restaining and resealing)
  • Design, installation and repairs of tile backsplashes in ktichens, bathrooms and exterior halls
  • Architectual and insurance photography (to document rehabilitation work before, during and after)
  • Safety audits (occupant and visitor accident prevention)
  • Age-in-place modifications and analysis
  • Energy management audits (pre and post rehabilitation)
  • Zero-net-energy solutions for rowhouse and industrial building renovations
  • Environmental testing for mold, lead and asbestos presence
  • Sourcing for hard-to-find materials and skilled trades (plaster, roofing, tile)
  • Sourcing and recommendations for "smaller than standard" appliances (important for small spaces in rowhouses) 
  • Renewable energy solutions (solar, wind, geo-thermal)
  • Planned building de-construction (saving materials for future use elsewhere)
  • Community redevelopment and revitalization (urban planning with block-by-block preservation and redevelopment)
  • Industrial space redevelopment and repurposing (transforming commercial space into residential space)
  • Historic property preservation and reconstruction (matching existing architecture style and construction)


Second Century Homes, LLC
MD MHIC 104553
1752 E. Lombard Street
Baltimore, MD 21231
(410) 709-8322

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